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The creation behind stormie and friends

The creation behind stormie and friends
Stormie and Friends was created by an individual who creates animation and cartoons; which came out of passion and hobby. This started from the year of 2015. Hence, the birth of the Stormie and Friends on YouTube channel. 

youtube was known as the video broadcasting website at the time. Before then the individual was inspired by other classic cartoons and animations. and one day dreamt of having its own cartoons and animations. which led to the Stormie and friends trilogy. and afterwards, the YouTube channel. came along with it, later on, where the animation was posted on. 

and in some of the animations, you would probably notice where some of the inspiration came from. anyways. Stormie and Friends was self-produced by an independent content creator. The very same content creator that formed this website where the audience and viewers can visit. and gather more knowledge on the world of stormie and friends.

Map of Birdland

Bird land: Kind of an explanation…

By Stormie and Friends.


Birdland is a tropical land. and has biomes such as desert, rain forest, savanna, beaches, Rock Island, Toucan Island and the capital of Birdland is Can City which is also on a massive island. The Birdland timeline is around 1920 and you won’t see them with technologically advanced objects. They use wood as their primary resource that basic objects are made from…

The climate in Birdland.

It has sudden, random weather behaviour. it will be windy, the next minute it will be cloudy, the next minute it will be dusty in some places.

knowledge of Birdland

The Toucans, who are the secondary main characters after Stormie, moved from temperate to tropical. although they are originally from the tropics, for example, December is the hottest and driest time of the year. it doesn’t rain much, it still rains frequently but not for very long, in June and July it can rain primarily heavily for two or three days, it doesn’t stop! It’s like the wet season and dry season so they have tropical climates. A few times there will be a few hurricanes and things like that in the south region of Birdland, and those weather patterns will happen at random times during the year. In a single year, it will probably happen three to four times, but severe hurricanes are rare. In the forest areas and the wetter areas, strong winds come from the south, and from the North, hotter and dryer winds.

Places in Birdland locations

such as, Toucan Island, Wind West, Cloud Sky, Birdville, Storm Clouds, Cann City, deep forest, woodlands Wet forest, boat, Fire-lands, Rock Island, Rock-land, Upside-down kingdom and Wild east. And there is more locations beyond the lands of Birdland.

Tiny planet

Tiny planet

Tiny planet is a place where time moves freely and is known to appear in the skies of Birdland. And, when it appears it appears very rarely and it also vanishes mysteriously as fast when it appeared.

About characters

Stormie The Storm Dragon

Stormie’s back story

Stormie originally came from the planet Neptune as an egg which ended up on the planet earth. Stormie is the only storm dragon of his kind to ever exist on planet earth. he ended up on a land called Birdland which is a land mostly inhabited by birds and other creatures. And Stormie’s on is journey of Self Discovery..

The tuocans

The toucan Brothers

They are one of the only large blue toucans of their species. They were known to come from a small tribe far within the Deep forests of Birdland. The jungle foliage was known to be so incredibly dense the sunlight could barely reach the jungle floor. Something happened with the tribe. And some of the blue toucans got separated from the tribe and ended up lost. The toucan parents were there to tell the tale to the two toucans when they were young.

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