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This page consists of Stormie and Friends Characters.

cheating toucan

stormie description

Stormie is the original main character. The two toucans are his friends (Cheating Toucan and Tuclet) Stormie is regal, serious, intense, and also grumpy. The toucans cause mischief on him especially Cheating Toucan who is one of his friends. Stormie resides in the storm clouds. in the past, he used to sleep on a cloud next to his pedestal, but now he’s moved to a castle where he resides as Prince. His father created his castle and sent it to him as a spell and it manifested Into a Castle. and later on, he sent the guards to protect Stormie. Stormie has a library where he likes to spend his time reading his electrical magic book, he goes somewhere else to practice his powers. Stormie consumes crystals which he enjoys, he sometimes preserves the crystals he does this both to increase his power and to satisfy his hunger for crystals. Stormie does not like his storm book being tampered with. Stormie originated from Neptune as an egg. Neptune is stormy and windy and freezing cold, and also has supersonic winds. A solar tornado on Neptune happened and the egg got sucked in and screenshotted across the solar system. the egg moved around the solar system and eventually past the moon and onto Earth. Which technically makes him an alien. Then a few months later the egg hatched as a baby storm dragon known as stormie. Stormie is a storm dragon, storm dragons have powers over the weather. they can manipulate electricity using electrokinesis, they can fly faster than the speed of sound, they have aerokinesis, can levitate objects by using telekinesis. and storm dragons can become supercharged making them many times more powerful.

Cheating toucan description

Cheating toucan. is Tuclet’s big brother. and kind of protects tuclet. he looks out for him. and he is a friend of Stormie. He can be lazy but very wise. He spends most of his time watching TV. He can trick other characters as well and confuse them, like ‘The fan’ character, he can confuse him. Cheating Toucan, and his brother and The Cheeky Bird character sometimes work together to cause mischief and mayhem.

the fan

Tuclet description

Tuclet is a likeable character although he? is slightly unstable, which can make him short-tempered and he can be very aggressive to strangers which he is unfamiliar with. he’s not stranger friendly at all. If you go into his space Tuclet will attack you, he’s more likely to do it if he doesn’t know you. He can act very smart sometimes, like showing off a lot, he does like tricks if he wants to get his own way. If he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll retaliate. Tuclet’s a very good flyer and he can often fly very quickly. Tuclet is very competitive, he likes to race other birds because he wants to see who’s the fastest. One thing about
him is he’s also very protective too, his brothers. Tuclet gets very aggressive if there are any signs of threat, he won’t hesitate to attack.

the fan description

the fan. he is literally a fan. he kind of gets the Toucans into big trouble
and then makes a joke out of it and laughs his blades off. and gets into shenanigans. He becomes bored really quickly he’ll find something to do this involves him flying to places very quickly or sleeping,
he kind of does what he wants. He has a laugh and annoys the
toucans. because the fan was blowing them around the room and
then went out of the door, the toucans followed him. It was a
set up the fan caused it. If it wasn’t for the fan they would
have never gone to Can City. He wanted to get rid of the toucans. and he is very mischievous.

Universal Flamingo

Universal Flamingo description

The Universal Flamingo is a background main character. He’s been around since the beginning of time and he is an omnipotent being with Forth Wall awareness. He can even disrupt and change the plot if he wants to. He can rip the very fabric of reality and he can defy gravity, He exists outside of time and he can create white and black holes.​

Ricklet description

Ricklet he is the older cousin of Cheating Toucan, Tuclet and Took. He resides in the Wind West serving under the Sheriff. He’s the deputy. He’s really assertive and strong-willed and serious. He’s good at solving crimes. and solving investigations and he is the most trusted deputy when it comes to investigations in the wind west.

super can

super can description 

Super can. has little to no power at all but has little bit more strengths and more speed than an

Took description

Took is a character that wishes to fly. and determined to fly and someday he will figures it out He is the youngest sibling toucan after Tuclet. He lives in a treehouse with his parents far away in the south, outside of Birdland many miles away.

mr cape
flash toucan

the cape description

The Cape is a sentient magical cape. the cape isn’t known to have the purest of intentions. which makes the cape very mysterious and unknown to those who are aware of its existence.

flash toucan description

flash toucan. can run and fly at super speeds over sonic speeds.

The elemental dragons

storm dragon

The storm dragon description

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The fire dragon description

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The ocean dragon description

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The earth dragon description

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The sky dragon description

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